Sunday, March 21, 2010

How about making traffic together? offers a free traffic system. It uses a really interesting mechanism, which I'm going to explain you in the next paragraphs. Please read the entire article in order to understand everything.

First, you are going to register on a website. Then, you will receive some ads that are going to be displayed on your website (you choose how many, and where). But the secret of this system stays in registration.

When you register, you have to view 7 websites which have 7 codes needed for registration. Then, after you put that banners on your website, when someone clicks on them, if we wants to use the same traffic system, he will need to register in the same way (as you did). Then, if somebody else comes from his site and wants to use the same traffic system, he HAS to view your website (which will be placed on the second place) to get the registration code. If there is anybody else that registers from the latest user, he will have to visit your website too (which will be on the third position).

I know that this is not simple to understand, but if you do, then it's simple. The main idea is that this is a mechanism which works, and your traffic increases, if you promote your website as you should (you receive it after registration). And the best is that it never stops growing, it increases without any limit.

To register, just go here (many details, instructions, and exemples are also here): (registration form is at the bottom). Let's grow together!!

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