Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Free alternative to Microsoft Office (no, not OpenOffice).

There are some free alternatives for Office suite provided by Microsoft, the most popular being OpenOffice (or, from what I saw, it think so). But there is an ... unexpected rival for those Office solution providers, which is Google. It has its own free Office suite, named Google Docs, which worked unexpected well for me so far. It is more than an Office packet, it's practically a little OS dedicated strictly for Office tasks. The saving procedure is processed on Google's servers, so everything you saved will be accessible from anywhere, with any OS, without an Office pack on that computer. Everything you do is exclusively done through your browser. You can create documents, presentations, onto Google Docs, or you can directly upload them into their native format. You can upload even pictures, feature which should be used only on faster connections.

I really recommend you to use this Office suite, but don't base exclusively on it, save your work on computer/external drive, just for any case. You need an account at Google.

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