Thursday, April 29, 2010

Play Flash video content on your Android device! (including Nexus One, already).

Skyfire is a free complex browser, designed especially for mobile devices. It's clearly the best browser for terminal devices. You're probably asking now what is the connection between flash and this browser. It is capable of displaying webpages on their entire, with all scripts and players (and whatever else) included. And the Android version has just came out today!

I've installed it on my Nexus One, and what I have to tell you is that: in normal browsing, Android's default browser is quite at the same level with this browser, but if you need to play Flash on your phone, Skyfire beats anything. Flash content is not automatically played, as you have to go in menu and select "video". A new window will open, playing the requested video.

The advantage of this is that you don't need a modified rom in order to try playing Flash (I'm not sure if it can be done like this), which is done by rooting your phone, which will void your warranty. But with Skyfire, you can enjoy Flash (and other scripts that Android's browser isn't capable of running), risk-free.

Download it now from, or directly on your phone from (if you can't download through Market, where it says "Don't have Android Market on your phone?", select "go here").

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nokia announces the N8.

Nokia has announced their new high-end model, the N8. This smartphone puts a great accent on multimedia and social networking. It has pushing capabilities to various services such as Twitter, RenRen and Facebook, and you can even view Web TV directly on the phone (CNN and National Geographic for example). Plus, you'll have free GPS navigation (+maps), forever.
A 12 mega-pixel camera has been implemented, with HD video recording capability. The N8 brings the new Symbian 3 operating system (how about Maemo, Nokia?). What it has inside isn't that impressive as the camera is, and we are talking about a modest 680 MHz ARM 11 processor and 256 MB RAM memory. It has 16 GB internal memory, which can be expanded with another additional 32 GB (microSD). There is a 3,5" capacitive touch screen, with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels.

The quantity of internal memory is too much, in my opinion. Nokia is far away from being an important "player" in the domain of smartphones. Their previous high-end model (N97) was a disaster, and this happened mainly because of really slack performance especially when more data is present on storage memory. Because the improvements at processor and RAM are not that important, a great pressure is being put on Symbian 3.

In my point of view, this smartphone doesn't bring enough change compared to previous models so it won't reach the success. Moreover, it could be a disaster, like his "smaller brother", the N97. The phone will be available in more colors, at a price of 370 euros without any taxes. Shipping starts from the third quarter of 2010.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pre-order your free Ubuntu CD today!

Canonical has opened ShipIt service starting from yesterday, offering anybody who wants free Ubuntu CDs (now they are only pre-orders, but from 29th all pre-orders are going to be sent to shipping company and ordinary orders available).

Please consider that you can download the image (from here) and burn it yourself on a CD, instead of ordering a CD, when there are others who actually really need it. However, if you really want a free CD, I advice you to order one as soon as possible, as I think that because of high demands orders are going to be stopped sometimes.

Get your free Ubuntu CD from here:
Kubuntu ShipIt also available here:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Transform your Windows Mobile device into an Android one!

I'm starting by telling you that I assume no responsibility for any loss or damage your device may occur by doing what I am going to describe you. It normally shouldn't be any problem, but since it is a Microsoft operating system, anything can happen. Please backup important data before starting.

Androkkid is a customizable Windows Mobile application, which emulates the Android interface on your device. It looks quite good, and is a better option than putting Android OS on a Windows Mobile designed device (and it's also much simpler).

As you can see, the application has Hero's interface, and it also has another default Android interface, both with their own wallpapers and icons. As I've told you, you can customize the application however you want. You can add shortcuts to anything that can be linked on your device, you can add widgets, contacts, links to webpages, folders, and more pages (you have 3 by default).

My PDA has a QVGA screen (320 x 240 pixels), and I have to tell you that this is not the optimum resolution. This is most observable when you look at the icons, because they look very bad. However, in application's settings you can modify their size so that they can look really good (30-width by 30-height on my PDA is the best size for example).

The main problem is that if your device doesn't have a third-party Wi-Fi manager, you need either to open a feature from Windows Mobile to get access to Wi-Fi settings, or you need to exit Androkkid and then manage Wi-Fi. This happens if closing your device with Wi-Fi on causes problems (this applies to my HP iPaq 110 handheld).

Of course that you can get a third-party application from the web in order to manage your Wi-Fi adaptor, but I don't recommend this. I installed and opened a third-party Wi-Fi manager, even if it said that it has not been tested with my device. It created a conflict with HP's Wi-Fi manager that I couldn't control, and I believed that a reset would help, but it didn't. My PDA wasn't able to boot anymore so I had to hard reset it, loosing all my data that was stored on device's internal memory.

Returning to Androkkid, it needs .NET Compact Framework, which can be downloaded from here (.cab directly, in a .zip archive).

The application can be downloaded from HERE (.cab file, in .zip archive). If your device is not able to deal with .zip archives by default, search a third-party application with Google. There are plenty of them.

Customize the look of your device with thousands of wallpapers, themes, icons, and many others, from xda-developers forum.

Enjoy the new Android look of your Windows Mobile-based device.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Californian police investigates the supposed theft of the iPhone 4G/HD prototype.

The story sounds like this: an employee of Apple forgot an iPhone 4G/HD in a pub, somebody found it (hidden in a normal iPhone case), and sold it to for $5 000. Then, Apple declared the prototype as stolen, and the guys from Gizmodo announced that they are going to send it back to Apple, in order to avoid any legal action that Apple may open against them.

However, it seems that Apple has spoken with the police about this, so now they started an investigation and are searching for evidences, in order to find out if there is any reason to open a case for any of the parts. I said any, because it is not known if the police considers that the person who found the device is "guilty", or that's Gizmodo. My opinion is that neither the person who found the device nor Gizmodo aren't guilty in any way.

We'll see what happens next, and as soon as I find something new, I'll update this article.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Seesmic. Probably the best Twitter client for Android based devices.

When I was planning to buy my Nexus One, I was quite decided what Twitter client I was going to use, because a friend of mine said that Seesmic is the best option for Android. And so it was. After I got my Nexus One and I found a free WiFi AP, the first thing I did was to download Seesmic. And I wasn't disappointed at all.

Seesmic is probably the best Twitter client for devices which are running this OS. It offers a very clear (high resolution) interface, combining light colors (where the tweets are received) with black colors (where are the options), and a red line in the upper part, which makes the application look better than any other Twitter client I have ever seen (on any other mobile OS).

The application doesn't just look excellent, it also moves excellent. Anyway, it has no reason not to do it since the device has 1GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. There are plenty of options offered by the application, so it can be easily compared to a desktop client (TweetDeck for example).

The scrolling is not as smooth as it is on the iPhone, but the main advantage here is that if you move the finger across the screen fast, it scrolls down until the bottom of the list automatically. Plus, while you scroll down, the list of older tweets is automatically fetched.

The application is always running in the background, and I discovered this because I was woken up several times during the night every time I got a reply or a DM. Actually, the application is not making any kind of pushing because new tweets aren't loaded until you open the application, but it just checks periodically for any replies or DMs.

It has also a pretty annoying bug (or it's just a communication error with Twitter), which makes all the tweets which were sent up to 1 hour ago to appear as sent 1 hour ago. I mean, if somebody sent a tweet 15 minutes ago, it appears as sent 1 hour ago. I didn't observe any other bug into the application.

To get it, simply search "Seesmic" into the Market.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Send free SMS messages worldwide, with mjoy! is a website which lets you send free SMS messages to any mobile phone in the world. All you have to do is to go on, select your country and type your phone number. Then you'll receive on your phone a message which contains a link where you have to create a username and a password.

Please note the form in which your number must be. For example, if your number looks like +4 0726 xxx xxx, you have to insert the number without "+40", since this is the prefix of the country which you already selected before. Moreover, this service is designed for your phone (works on the internet), so you need a WiFi network connection or, if you don't have one, a wireless data plan from your carrier (additional charges may apply in this case!).

This service lets you create contacts, so you can send messages fast. It also has a feature with which you can post messages, follow other users and let them follow you too. It's something like a Twitter. Additionally, you can have weather information for the location where you currently are.

The site moves quite slow, so give it a few seconds when you want something. If you need a wireless data plan please contact your carrier, as it is the only one which can give you exact details about any charges and fees when navigating on the internet.

Considerate that this is a free service and there is no guarantee that your messages will be delivered successfully (ads are also going to be added at the end of your messages).

If you like this service, please share this link with your friends:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Impressive. Ubuntu 10.04 supports most mobile broadband USB sticks out-of-the-box.

Ubuntu shows again how an excellent operating system behave in normal activities. I have a HSUPA mobile broadband modem from a carrier from Romania (I don't mention its name), and I wanted to connect it to my Ubuntu-based computer, just to see if it works and if there are any additional steps that need to be done in order to get it working.

So I connected it, and after about 10 seconds (after the modem has been initialized), I was really surprised to see that Ubuntu supports out-of-the-box this kind broadband modems. As Ubuntu documentation says (here), the operating system supports most 3G sticks and even phones with HSPA/UMTS/GPRS data connections. I was asked to answer a few things only (country and data plan, where I selected "default") after I connected it for the first time.

I mention that I use Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2, with Network Manger 0.8 and the USB stick is a Huawei MF110.

Monday, April 19, 2010

iPhone 4G/HD rumors - the internet blows up.

It seems that the 4th generation of iPhone has been revealed. A device has been found in a pub in the U.S., and Gizmodo (who currently has the device) claims that it's the new iPhone 4G/HD which everybody was waiting for.
This seems to be the next iPhone because of more reasons. This device seems to be having the next generation of iPhone OS 4.0 on it, and has been remotely modified by Apple so it can't currently boot up (and can't be restored). Also, Gizmodo opened it, and on the chips it's written "APPLE". But this isn't all. Apple lost a device, and it wants it back, so many experts are 99% sure that this is what Apple has lost.

However, if this is the next iPhone, it doesn't seem for me that its something extraordinary, at least, related to its design. Apple 3GS stays perfectly in the hand, while this device, with its new design, won't.

If this is the new iPhone, here are what is new:
  • improved camera (probably 5 MP) featuring a LED flash
  • front-camera for voice conversations
  • standard SIM has been replaced with Micro-SIM
  • split buttons for volume
  • smaller screen than the previous one, but most probably with higher resolution
  • probably noise-cancellation microphone (next to headphone jack)
  • also, it is expected to have a similar hardware platform as the iPad (Apple A4 chip with 1GHz processor and 256 or 512 RAM)
Source: Gizmodo.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0 - what's new?

Apple's new iPhone OS 4.0 has been announced for a while, and a beta version has also been launched, being available for developers only (I know, it's on torrent networks, but don't attempt to download and install it, because it won't work -- it must be activated with Apple's servers). Now I'm going to describe you what is new inside this version.

A new feature which everybody was waiting for and which Apple decided to implement, is multi-tasking. Or at least, this is what Apple says he has implemented. It won't actually be a full multi-tasking. True, applications like those ones used for music will be making multi-tasking, but games, for example, won't. As Steve Jobs showed in the presentation, if you play a game and you want to....browse a website for example, you have to double-click the home button (the game will pause), go to safari, browse, double-click again, and go to the game, and resume playing. So, the game won't be actually making a real multi-tasking.

Apple said that they didn't implemented multi-tasking since now because it consumes more resources and power, and they have found a method which resolves this. The main advantage of this "multi-tasking" is that apps like Skype can now run in the background, so you don't have anymore to stay into Skype to speak with somebody, without having any possibility to do anything else.

Now, iPhone can finally use folders. You can now put apps for games or for weather together, for example, in a singe folder, so you don't need anymore to browse through more screens just to find an application. This is something good.

Also, you can now set wallpapers. I don't know why Apple didn't implement this earlier, but it's good they finally made it. And you now have "unified" mailbox, so all the mails will come at the same time from all your accounts. This has bad and good points, and in my point of view, I think that it's better without this feature.

What really sucks, is that Apple is going to implement iAd. This means that now everything on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is going to have ads. Steve Jobs said that this is a good feature, and it is, for advertisers, but for regular users, it is a disaster.

And, from what is known, there will still be no Flash in iPhone OS 4.0. This is totally stupid. I now think that the iPhone is never going to have Flash.

Apple says that this upgrade will be available only for future generations of iPhone, and for the 3GS. Guys who are working on jailbreak solutions showed clearly that Apple does this just for the people to buy new iPhones. Because they ran the OS 4.0 beta on both 3G and even 2G, without any difficulty.

And, you have to know that this new software was jailbroken in less than 24 hours since it was launched, so, probably, when the new OS will be available for anybody, jailbreaking will be easily done on any iPhone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Apple delays iPad international launch -- iPad available unofficially, at much higher prices.

For many Apple fans who were waiting for the iPad to get out of the United States to buy one, Apple announced something that completely disappointed them. iPad won't be available (officially) for anybody who lives out of the U.S., because the iPad is not going to be launched at the end of this month, but at the end of May.

This decision comes after a much higher demand for the iPad in the United States than Apple has expected. If you don't live in the U.S., you won't have it because Apple wants to sell the iPad to people from the United States firstly and then to other from another parts of the world. I really don't understand what Apple wants. U.S. citizens CAN also wait (and in a "fair world", should wait) for an iPad if they want one, if this is Apple's problem.

Anyway, there are also companies which are already selling the iPad in Europe, but the main problem is the huge commission they put on the price, just to make profit. For example, in my country there is only one big company from what I know which sells iPads, and the price is with about 50% higher than it's if you buy an iPad from Apple. But, even though, it is selling very good.

So, if you don't live in the U.S. and want an iPad, you more options:
  • buy an iPad with the commission that is put to the price
  • go to the U.S. just to get one (it's not a viable solution at all)
  • make a trick and get one at almost the same price as it is in the U.S. (it's quite complicated, and it's also risky so I won't explain how here)
  • wait and hope that Apple won't delay it again
So that's it. That's what they wanted. This is not cool, Apple!

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) pre-orders will be soon available. Stay tuned!

Ubuntu's website now says that Ubuntu 10.04 is available for ShipIt. Normally, if you want a free CD, you have to log in and to confirm your shipping data. At this moment, after logging in, the website says that "ShipIt is currently closed", and "We'll be back in a few days, shipping Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) CDs".

As they updated the website, I think that the ShipIt will be soon up and ready for requests. Stay tuned. I will update the article as soon as pre-orders will be available.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seesmic web, or another type of .

Seesmic has its own like site. It lets you access your twitter account, but with lots of options, like on a dedicated client (such as Tweetdeck). Except that it is just a website. The idea is that it was created especially for incompatible platforms with Seesmic applications (Linux), but it is also great for general use, and it's ideal for slower computers.

The website is really customizable, and its a pleasure to use Twitter via this way (it's much better than on And what I like the most is that you can choose between two skins, a light one (white) and a dark one (black). The website is also available in more languages: English, Chinese (I think), Deutsch, Romanian (this is my language, but I really wasn't expecting this), Portuguese, Spanish and again something like Chinese ( I don't know those languages at all).

HTC has plans about launching an own OS, but how about Android and Windows Mobile?

HTC, which is the company that has about 30 mobile devices available at this moment, announced that it has plans about launching its own OS. I don't know what is in HTC's mind at this moment, because I think that this is a stupidity. It sold lots of devices, with both Windows Mobile and now mainly with Android (because they are migrating to Google's OS), and it wants its own OS.

If HTC will have its own OS, it will definitely compete with Google's Android, and this is something bad considering that HTC is making devices for Google (Nexus One). The relation between these two companies can get cold really fast if this is going to happen, considering that HTC is the main factor for Android's impressionable ascension on market.

I didn't even mention Windows Mobile because it is clearly going to...nowhere. Microsoft announced Windows Mobile 7 recently, which won't be having an unimportant feature (in Microsoft's vision), but one which everybody uses, "Copy & Paste". Additionally, Windows Mobile 7 won't have multi-tasking. And will be quite incompatible with earlier versions of Windows Mobile. So, in my opinion, Microsoft is going to destroy Windows Mobile....

HTC said that it thinks about its own OS because it want to reduce its dependence of outside developers. Wait a second...what dependence ?! What is HTC talking about ? Dependence on Android ? I don't think so. On Andoid, HTC can do what it wants. It implemented its Sense UI, and can implement many others, and even contribute to market.

I think that HTC should think again about this, because, Andoid is the best option for their devices (I don't think that they will be able to create something better, for the customers).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nexus One, after three weeks.

I now have about three weeks since I got my Nexus One, so I'll tell you my experience with it. First of all, it's the best phone I've ever touched. It looks, feels, and moves excellent. So, here are its specifications: 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 MB RAM and 4GB storage card included. So, very powerful hardware.

It has a beautiful 3,7" capacitive AMOLED touchscreen, and it is a pleasure to view anything on it. Also, it has a 5-megapixel camera, with (single) LED and video recording capability. The battery has 1400 mAH, but because of the hardware, if you use it intensively it will keep you about 2 days. I am really satisfied with battery's life

Android, its operating system, is made and developed by Google, and is one which promises a lot. It's the best OS for mobile devices, in my opinion. It is the direct competitor for Apple's iPhone OS, since it comes strongly behind. Apple's AppStore has now about 180 000 applications, but the Android Market grows fast, having until now about 50 000 apps available.

Here are some problems, with the Android Market. Anybody is allowed to post any app he wants, so Google is probably not testing the applications that are in the Market. There are some ones even infected, so this is a risk for users. But it's better than how it is in the AppStore, where Apple approves and denies what he wants without any reason. One thing is clear. The Android Market grows. And the best of all, there are only free applications inside.

So, let's return to the phone. I have two words to describe what it can. Total customization. I hope you understood what I wanted to say. You have 5 screens, you can customize them how you want, you can add folders, plenty of widgets, shortcuts, you can open what application you want, let it open, open other, return to the first one without closing the other. The phone does a very efficient multi-tasking, the applications work like they are connected to each other, you have lots of options inside the apps, and on that screen.....everything is amazing.

However, I've experiencing some things that are not really ok with the phone:
  • The phone started peeling off at the bottom. I think that it's from that sleeve case I got in the pack. Now I'm not using it anymore, so the phone is ok (no more peeling observed)
  • When I wanted to wake up the phone, the screen didn't turn on at all. Nothing worked; I've even tried to keep the power button pressed for a few seconds, but the phone didn't wake up. The solution was to remove the battery and then turn the phone on (this happened two times).
  • After keeping the phone charging for longer time, it heats quite much, but not excessively so this is not a problem.
  • The power led indicator sometimes turn green, even if the phone has not been charged completely yet (it should be orange).
  • The screen has also some problems, sometimes. It happened about 3 times (I think) for the touchscreen to be inaccurate when I was writing something with the keyboard(this is not a big problem). Pinch-to-Zoom works excellent in Maps, Browser and Pictures. However, via a painting application, it is obvious that if the multi-touch is used and the fingers are moved in aleatory directions, the screen is highly inaccurate. It is not known if this is a hardware or software failure, or just this is the way screen behaves, but I'm sure that somehow it will be fixed.
These were the only problems I experienced. The phone has also a trackball, which is very useful in different tasks. It also lights if there is something that you need to be notified about. What else I must tell you is that the soft buttons (back, menu, home and search) must be pressed above in order to be used. They work perfectly (don't believe the others who say they are not working as they should).

The sound when you receive a call is not high enough to hear it. I mainly hear its vibration, not its ringtone. What seems strange is that there was not implemented any file browser on the device by default. However, third party applications of this type are found on the Market.

And the biggest problem. If you search something in the Market, you can't delete that! Very unpleasant. If you search for example "gifts for my girlfriend", you won't be able to delete that so she might see that. I think that this is the biggest problem of this phone. There is a possibility to delete this history, but the phone needs a modified rom and this will void your warranty. Browser's history can be entirely deleted without any problem.

But mainly, the phone is amazing. It is everything I wanted. I've been using an iPhone for 1 year and a half, but the Nexus One is like a fresh breath. It's something new, something faster, something better. I've been using it in U.S. with a Vodafone Romania SIM, and I didn't experience any problem with the signal (you probably heard about this), using the phone on T-mobile, AT&T and Verizon. It costs about $565 in the U.S., with all tax included.

Ubuntu: the change is coming - April 29th.

The new version of Ubuntu, 10.04, is almost near the corner. On April 22nd the last step before the final release in coming, the Release Candidate. This represents usually about 90-95% of the final release, and soon after, on 29th, the final release is going to be available.

This is a LTS update, or Long Term Support. This means that this version will be supported for 3 years on Desktop version, and it is launched every two years (while normal releases are supported for 18 months and are launched every 6 months). Thousands of updates are coming daily for those who are using Beta 2 at this moment, so this is an evidence that the community is seriously working for 10.04 LTS.

This is a list of the most important updates that Ubuntu 10.04 has so far and what is supposed to come in the final release:
  • Much better hardware support
  • Improved speed
  • 2 new default themes
  • By default, Ubuntu has windows buttons on the left
  • Splash and login screens are now modified
  • Gwibber is installed by default (social client - Twitter is included)
  • Boot time under 10 seconds (for the final release)
Regarding the themes, an article can be found by clicking here. However, articles about Ubuntu can be found on the entire blog. You must only find them by typing "Ubuntu" in the search box.

Ubuntu is still under full development, so the many applications and even the system can get serious errors, so if you need a stable system it is not recommended to update yet.

The stable version (9.10) and 10.04 beta 2 are both available from the official site: .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nexus One, peeling off problems?

I've got my Nexus One two weeks ago in the U.S. and I noticed yesterday evening that at the bottom at the phone, the paint has some marks. Exactly like those which appear on devices after using them for a long time, except that my Nexus is only two weeks old.

It's a great phone, the hardware is very powerful, the software is excellent, and it looks great. So I hope that this problem is not caused by a defective painted part of the phone. I was keeping it always (when I wasn't using it, of course) inside that sleeve case that got inside the pack.

There are some threads on Google forum on which several users complained about the same problem, and I am sure that some of them (I don't know if all them) were keeping their Nexus One inside the sleeve case they received in the pack.

So, the problem may be (and I hope that is) that sleeve case. I'm now not using it anymore, and I hope that my Nexus won't peel off anymore. Even if I bought it in the U.S., I live in the eastern part of the Europe so if the peeling continues I will call HTC for support.

Do you have any problems like this? Please let me know if you do by leaving a comment!

Below is a photo, showing the marks I have on my phone (I have marks on the other side also, but they are not so observable):

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Testing the iPad (+video).

A few days ago I had the opportunity of testing the product which Apple says that it's a revolutionary one, the iPad (they said the same when they launched any other product).

Firstly, I'll tell you its specifications. It has an Apple A4 1 GHz processor, based on ARM technology. The storage memory varies between 16, 32 and 64 GB, and, related to RAM memory, this is a complete mystery (yet). It is known that physically it seems to be having 512 MB of RAM, but in practice, it reveals only 256 MB of RAM (showed by different tests). It is certain only that the RAM is integrated into the chip of the processor.

It also has a 10 inch capacitive multi-touch screen, perfect for almost anything. On the connectivity side, we have the Wi-Fi model, which starts at $499 with 16 GB of storage, and the Wi-Fi + 3G model which is going to be available soon, this month. The battery offers 1 month for stand-by, and about 10 hours when surfing web on Wi-Fi and stuff like that.

On the Apple Store I've waited for a few minutes after I got one to play with (everybody was running to get one to test when somebody finished testing one). I think that there were about 15-20 iPads available (it is a quite big store, in Dadeland Mall, Miami).

The first sensation was that it was fast. But not as fast as I was expecting, but it was pretty good. The applications are launching like on the iPhone (slowly, showing who made them or things like that), and some of them really looked very well. But several were made especially for the iPhone, and looked very bad because they were running at a low resolution (I'm sure that this will be a problem for a long time).

I found it difficult to play with it using its accelerometer, considering that I used an iPhone for about 1 year and a half, and now I have the Nexus One. It is an updated version of iPhone OS, so the menus are updated in many basic applications (they look really good).

Many fans of Apple said that the iPad is very fast, faster than even the Nexus One. I don't agree with this. They probably said this even without ever touching a Nexus. It is clearly faster than the iPad.

There have been reported several problems with the iPad after only a few hours after it was launched, many users complaining that on their Windows machines and especially when connected to USB hubs the iPad refuses to charge. Apple says that when it gets into sleep, it starts charging automatically, but they can't actually prove that this happens at all times, because there is no icon indicating if it charges or not. And there are also problems with weak Wi-Fi signal and connection problems on LAN configurations.

And if you want one, if need to know that it has no camera and no GPS. You can buy additional accessories, and even if the iPad starts a $499, you can easily pass $1000, considering that Apple has only quite expensive accessories.

Apple has reached again, a great success with the iPad. In the first day of selling, the sells with the pre-orders passed 300 000 units. This is completely astonishing. To compare, Google sold only 135 000 Nexus One units after 74 days, while there were about 1 million iPhones (first generation) sold after the same period of days. I don't know how Apple does this, but it is known that Steve Jobs has currently the most profitable company in the domain of mobile devices.

Below is a video taken with my Nexus One, while I was testing some of iPad's functionalities: