Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seesmic web, or another type of .

Seesmic has its own like site. It lets you access your twitter account, but with lots of options, like on a dedicated client (such as Tweetdeck). Except that it is just a website. The idea is that it was created especially for incompatible platforms with Seesmic applications (Linux), but it is also great for general use, and it's ideal for slower computers.

The website is really customizable, and its a pleasure to use Twitter via this way (it's much better than on And what I like the most is that you can choose between two skins, a light one (white) and a dark one (black). The website is also available in more languages: English, Chinese (I think), Deutsch, Romanian (this is my language, but I really wasn't expecting this), Portuguese, Spanish and again something like Chinese ( I don't know those languages at all).

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  1. Great news it is finally here, all you need under one roof, take a look