Sunday, April 25, 2010

Transform your Windows Mobile device into an Android one!

I'm starting by telling you that I assume no responsibility for any loss or damage your device may occur by doing what I am going to describe you. It normally shouldn't be any problem, but since it is a Microsoft operating system, anything can happen. Please backup important data before starting.

Androkkid is a customizable Windows Mobile application, which emulates the Android interface on your device. It looks quite good, and is a better option than putting Android OS on a Windows Mobile designed device (and it's also much simpler).

As you can see, the application has Hero's interface, and it also has another default Android interface, both with their own wallpapers and icons. As I've told you, you can customize the application however you want. You can add shortcuts to anything that can be linked on your device, you can add widgets, contacts, links to webpages, folders, and more pages (you have 3 by default).

My PDA has a QVGA screen (320 x 240 pixels), and I have to tell you that this is not the optimum resolution. This is most observable when you look at the icons, because they look very bad. However, in application's settings you can modify their size so that they can look really good (30-width by 30-height on my PDA is the best size for example).

The main problem is that if your device doesn't have a third-party Wi-Fi manager, you need either to open a feature from Windows Mobile to get access to Wi-Fi settings, or you need to exit Androkkid and then manage Wi-Fi. This happens if closing your device with Wi-Fi on causes problems (this applies to my HP iPaq 110 handheld).

Of course that you can get a third-party application from the web in order to manage your Wi-Fi adaptor, but I don't recommend this. I installed and opened a third-party Wi-Fi manager, even if it said that it has not been tested with my device. It created a conflict with HP's Wi-Fi manager that I couldn't control, and I believed that a reset would help, but it didn't. My PDA wasn't able to boot anymore so I had to hard reset it, loosing all my data that was stored on device's internal memory.

Returning to Androkkid, it needs .NET Compact Framework, which can be downloaded from here (.cab directly, in a .zip archive).

The application can be downloaded from HERE (.cab file, in .zip archive). If your device is not able to deal with .zip archives by default, search a third-party application with Google. There are plenty of them.

Customize the look of your device with thousands of wallpapers, themes, icons, and many others, from xda-developers forum.

Enjoy the new Android look of your Windows Mobile-based device.

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