Saturday, April 24, 2010

Californian police investigates the supposed theft of the iPhone 4G/HD prototype.

The story sounds like this: an employee of Apple forgot an iPhone 4G/HD in a pub, somebody found it (hidden in a normal iPhone case), and sold it to for $5 000. Then, Apple declared the prototype as stolen, and the guys from Gizmodo announced that they are going to send it back to Apple, in order to avoid any legal action that Apple may open against them.

However, it seems that Apple has spoken with the police about this, so now they started an investigation and are searching for evidences, in order to find out if there is any reason to open a case for any of the parts. I said any, because it is not known if the police considers that the person who found the device is "guilty", or that's Gizmodo. My opinion is that neither the person who found the device nor Gizmodo aren't guilty in any way.

We'll see what happens next, and as soon as I find something new, I'll update this article.


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