Monday, April 19, 2010

iPhone 4G/HD rumors - the internet blows up.

It seems that the 4th generation of iPhone has been revealed. A device has been found in a pub in the U.S., and Gizmodo (who currently has the device) claims that it's the new iPhone 4G/HD which everybody was waiting for.
This seems to be the next iPhone because of more reasons. This device seems to be having the next generation of iPhone OS 4.0 on it, and has been remotely modified by Apple so it can't currently boot up (and can't be restored). Also, Gizmodo opened it, and on the chips it's written "APPLE". But this isn't all. Apple lost a device, and it wants it back, so many experts are 99% sure that this is what Apple has lost.

However, if this is the next iPhone, it doesn't seem for me that its something extraordinary, at least, related to its design. Apple 3GS stays perfectly in the hand, while this device, with its new design, won't.

If this is the new iPhone, here are what is new:
  • improved camera (probably 5 MP) featuring a LED flash
  • front-camera for voice conversations
  • standard SIM has been replaced with Micro-SIM
  • split buttons for volume
  • smaller screen than the previous one, but most probably with higher resolution
  • probably noise-cancellation microphone (next to headphone jack)
  • also, it is expected to have a similar hardware platform as the iPad (Apple A4 chip with 1GHz processor and 256 or 512 RAM)
Source: Gizmodo.

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