Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nexus One, peeling off problems?

I've got my Nexus One two weeks ago in the U.S. and I noticed yesterday evening that at the bottom at the phone, the paint has some marks. Exactly like those which appear on devices after using them for a long time, except that my Nexus is only two weeks old.

It's a great phone, the hardware is very powerful, the software is excellent, and it looks great. So I hope that this problem is not caused by a defective painted part of the phone. I was keeping it always (when I wasn't using it, of course) inside that sleeve case that got inside the pack.

There are some threads on Google forum on which several users complained about the same problem, and I am sure that some of them (I don't know if all them) were keeping their Nexus One inside the sleeve case they received in the pack.

So, the problem may be (and I hope that is) that sleeve case. I'm now not using it anymore, and I hope that my Nexus won't peel off anymore. Even if I bought it in the U.S., I live in the eastern part of the Europe so if the peeling continues I will call HTC for support.

Do you have any problems like this? Please let me know if you do by leaving a comment!

Below is a photo, showing the marks I have on my phone (I have marks on the other side also, but they are not so observable):

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  1. That's just a bit of discolouration from the supplied pouch, it can be removed.