Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Google Chrome Extensions are amazing!

Since Google launched Chrome for Mac and Linux users, I have been using it as my default browser. I discovered about one week ago Google Extensions on my beta version for Linux (the only one available for Linux),and I have to tell you that they're making Chrome the best browser (without any doubts). But at that time, Google was making a big mistake. Extensions are working only on Beta versions (Linux or Windows, no Mac), but their link for Chrome Beta for Windows was invalid.

I'm sure that was fixed very fast, but I checked for that only today, and now it works. The extensions are nice, I've already added one that will auto-replay YouTube videos, other that will shorten my links via, and other one that helps me posting to my blogger account. Yes, that Chrome is a Beta version (4.0), but it works exactly like the stable one (3.0), with little problems so far (these were found even on stable version).

Chrome Extensions link download:

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