Friday, January 1, 2010

Informations about skiing locations on your iPhone.

Getting informations about skiing locations from all over the world on your iPhone is very simple. There are several applications that can do this job, but the application that I'm using is called "Snow Report". After the last update, the application loads really fast, and works without any problem. It can automatically detect the location where you are via GPS, or you can choose the location from a list. The maximum number of locations it can store is 12.

For each location, it will display how much snow is expected for the following 24 hours, 48 hours, and the following 7 days, the depth of the snow on top and on base, then, if the resort is open or not and how many lifts and trails are open and closed. Then it will show the temperature at the resort and the condition of the skiing surface, followed by three buttons which will show the following when pressed: five day forecast, resort webcam, and resort information. At the bottom, it will show how much time ago the informations were last updated.

The application is, of course, free, and it can be found on the AppStore by searching "snow and ski report by rei" (the application will have an icon on which is written "REI").

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