Sunday, January 10, 2010

PockeTwit, a good Twitter client for Windows Mobile devices.

The mobile version of the Twitter website offers limited options, and as we know, Internet Explorer welcomes you to the hell when you try to view desktop versions of websites. So, it is not a satisfying solution when we are talking about Twitter on Windows Mobile devices. There are a little few clients for Twitter available for Windows Mobile, but most of them completely suck.

But I found, after trying different applications, PockeTwit, which will give you many options for Twitter, exactly like those applications which are found on the iPhone. The program runs good, I can't say anything bad about it, except that the interface could be made a little more clear (its quality is not the best on HP iPAQ 111). The official website says you need .NET Framework Compact 2.0 or higher for the application, but it runs fine for me without it. If you need options, just slide right or left on the screen (into the application) to get them.

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