Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why I recommend you Google Chrome.

Google's browser, Chrome, is getting more and more popularity every day, and it could be, in the future, a great rival for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. It offers a very simple and efficient interface, which looks nice on Windows Vista/7. I dislike it's interface on Windows XP, but this is it. The application moves very fast, which is very important for slower PC's. The webpages are displayed very fast too, faster than any other browser available in normal version (I'm telling you this because there is a pre-Alpha version of Opera 10.50 available, which seems to be quite faster; read more about Opera 10.50 pre-Alpha here).

Chrome is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Its great extensions are available for Windows and Linux versions so far, but Google is planning to send them to Mac soon. I observed different problems for the beta versions (which you must have for extensions), like intense using of resources or unresponsive state, especially on Linux, and in generally after using it continuously for several hours.

Download Chrome (all OS's, Windows stable):
Download Chrome (Windows-Beta only):

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