Saturday, March 6, 2010

Any webcam driver for Mac.

As we all know, Mac OS X is a great operating system. It normally works with a large of devices connected via USB, with the exception of webcams. They require additional drivers. Here starts the need to search on manufacturers website for it, but since most of manufacturers are oriented on Windows only, you have low changes to find one (which works like it should). But wait, I recommend you something better.

A small application, called "macam", is a real help in such situations. It has included the USB drivers for almost any webcam, from almost any manufacturer. And, it is capable of taking pictures and recording, with many configurable settings. And it's really simple to use.

To avoid problems of any kind (errors, conflicts, kernel panics, etc) and for a list of webcams which should work or which should not work, please visit the official site:

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