Friday, March 19, 2010

Ubuntu One: free personal storage.

Ubuntu One is so far one of the best services of this type I've seen. It allows you to upload files from your computer, download them on any computer, and even share them with your friends, if you want so. A free Ubuntu One account allows you to have up to 2 GB of files uploaded, and, if you need more space, you can update it up to 50 GB for a $10 fee/month. You don't need any advanced knowledge in order to use this service, as it is simple and also fast.

Go and start using Ubuntu One: (if you don't have Launchpad account, select "Subscribe")

Please note that it worked for me only under Chrome and Firefox (latest versions). Opera 10.50 wasn't able to display my files, and IE 6 displays everything wrong (I haven't tested it on IE 8, it might work into it).

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