Sunday, May 9, 2010

Apple has problems with iPad 3G stocks.

The iPad is probably a best-selling product in this period. Nobody has expected for the iPad to have these big sales, even Apple. As we know, the international launch of the iPad (Wi-Fi model) has been delayed due to higher requests in the U.S. than they were expected. But the problems don't stop here.

A few days later after the 3G model has came out, more Apple Stores around the United States (mostly from the center and from the northern part of the U.S) announced that they had run out of any model of the 3G iPad. And the situation is worse than this, because several of them have limited stocks of the Wi-Fi model. It is currently not known when the stores will receive new stocks of iPads, but one thing is clear. The iPad is a huge success.

The Wi-Fi model should get out of the U.S. at the end of this month (if Apple respects its promise), but due to limited stocks in the U.S. I doubt about this. Even if we don't know when the 3G will come overseas, it is improbable for the europeans to see it by the end of May.

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