Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twitter own Android app launched.

Twitter has launched their own Android app, and it is not something extraordinary at all. It connects with your Google contacts (if you want), it has a clear blue interface (maybe too blue) and interesting video effects. I won't explain them, as you can download it yourself and test it.

But what I must tell you related to the effects is that it uses an active background (that blue characteristic clouds are moving), and it seems that this slows my phone down. Considering that this is a Nexus One and I feel that clouds moving, I don't know how this application works on slower devices. Even if the application has many options, the interface makes it seem...a bit too simple.

In my point of view, Seesmic is better than this Twitter app. You can get Twitter's own application via the Android Market by searching "Twitter" (first app).

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