Sunday, June 20, 2010

Apple and AT&T canceling iPhone 4 pre-orders, apparently, for no reason?

Some of the people who pre-ordered the iPhone 4 had received a mail which notified them that their pre-order has been canceled, apparently, without any plausible reason. On the first day of pre-orders Apple had about 600 000 requests, so that they delayed the shipping date for pre-orders two times, until the 2nd of July. There were, on the first day, much more requests than anybody (including Apple) has expected, so Apple's servers had big difficulties in handling that heavy traffic which has been occurred.

AT&T doesn't stay better, they also canceled some pre-orders, saying that they had ten times more pre-orders on the first day compared to the 3GS. I don't know what's with these cancels, but it is certain that this will put some people in an unpleasant situation, especially those who wanted to have their phone on the first day of shipping (OK, who didn't want?). Considering this enormous demand for the iPhone 4, pre-orders which are made today are going to be delivered much later.

By the way, Apple has already started shipping iPhone 4 for those who ordered it in the first period of pre-orders. They will most probably be received on the 23rd of June.

Sources from Engadget, here and here.

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