Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nexus One's internal memory is quite insufficient.

I've occurred problems related to insufficient internal memory after over a month of using the phone. I came from an iPhone, so I never look how many applications I have, as soon as they are "fitting" me. I've been able to install many applications, because they are specially designed to occupy as less as possible, because it is known that Android 2.1 (and previous versions) doesn't support installing applications on external SD cards. First time when my Nexus informed me that it was running "low on space", happened just a few days before media got the 2.2 update (which I also got, manually).

In case you didn't know, Android 2.2 allows installing applications to SD cards (or more exactly, moving them after installation on SD cards). But this is just a theory, as there are applications which doesn't allow moving themselves to the SD card. Actually, there are only a few applications which have this possibility. I mean, I have about 90 applications and I was able to move only 2 of them on the SD card.

The Nexus has 196 MB internal storage memory, and I have free only 13 of them. I know that I have a game which occupies pretty much of that memory (about 25 MB), but because I like it I don't want to delete it (and I can't move it to SD card). Of course, if I need more storage for the phone, I will remove it (and other applications if needed).

Google didn't bring something which helps much here (with 2.2 update). I think that they must now make pressure on developers, to design and update their applications with supportability for SD cards.

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