Sunday, June 13, 2010

Testing campaign for BitDefender 2011 Beta has started.

BitDefender, the security company from Romania, announced the start of the testing campaign for their latest security suite, 2011 Beta. The installation of this new product is done quickly, with the possibility of scanning before installation and without the need of restart after installation. What you have to do in order to get this product working, is to enter here to create an account at BitDefender (if you don't have one), and then to enter here and select one of the first two options. Then you'll get two keys, which will give you 180 days (6 months) of trial if they are inserted.

Related to the antivirus itself, it now has another interface which is optimized especially for unexperienced users. It includes "Search Advisor", which automatically warns you if you visit a website reported as infected (all links are automatically checked with BitDefender's servers), a new utility which displays you all applications that are stressing your computer and suggests you ways of fixing them, and a new mechanism, which assures the optimum speed of the computer (the antivirus adapts its use of resources dynamically, depending on the available resources of your computer).

The detection rate has been improved compared to the earlier version (with the help of new methods of detection and upgraded existing ones), and I can really say that this places BitDefender on top of the world's most powerful antivirus suites. However, as usual, BitDefender has important problems related to the fix of advanced and complex malware. This kind of problem can even make your system unable to boot.... so this is an important thing that is not yet resolved.

If you want, you can download and test this security suite, but as it is a Beta 1 version, I don't recommend you using it in an environment in which the security is something essential.

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