Friday, July 2, 2010

Google Chrome Beta has at least one serious bug.

I observed this bug several times over the last few days, and I decided to tell you about it. It happens randomly (I haven't observed to occur regularly on a certain website) when you're trying to maximize a window while being unmaximized. The page simply remains unmaximized, even if the window is in full screen. I took a screenshot to get an idea about how something like this looks like.
If you get here, what you have to do is to copy the link and open it in another tab. Unmaximizing and maximizing the window or refreshing the page does not work.

This happens on Ubuntu, with the latest Beta version of Chrome installed (5.0.375.86).


  1. I also had this bug for almost 2 weeks until it was finally fixed in the unstable version (6.x)... I suggest you use it... you'll also get new features faster.

  2. @Andrew- Yep, that's the dev version. I didn't know that it is out. I installed it and there are some changes compared to the beta. Thanks for the tip :)