Thursday, July 1, 2010

iPhone 4 available in the Eastern Europe, at prices nearly $3500.

A few days ago some users from Twitter discovered that an online electonics shop from Romania has the iPhone 4 in its offer, at a price somewhere under $3500 (32GB model). Everybody hoped that it was a mistake, or at least, that the guys from that website were kidding, but after somebody contacted them, we found out that the information was, unfortunately, true.

Today somebody found out that another online store has included the iPhone 4 in its offer, at the same price. I don't know who the hell they think that is going to buy an iPhone 4 at that price, I mean, if somebody can find an iPhone 4 in an Apple Store in the US, he/she can bring it here and pay under $1000 for it. However, because of Apple's problems with stocks, iPhone 4 is currently a hard-to-find product almost anywhere.

These prices are available at regular online stores from Romania (which are not Apple dealers and I think that they don't even have the right to resell iPhone 4 here).

If you live near Romania (Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, etc) and you know that iPhone 4 is available there, we would be glad if you can tell us its price (and if it is locked on not).

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