Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exclusive: Install Google Earth 1.1 on your Android 2.2 device (without Market) !!

You probably heard that today Google launched "Google Earth", version 1.1 for Android 2.2 devices. It should be normally available for download via the Market (as everywhere writes that) or via a scan of its QR code, but, unfortunately, it isn't. Or at least, I can't find it in the Android Market, and there are many users complaining about this. If you are one of these users, I have a good news for you. I found a way of installing Google Earth on Android, without the use of Market.

We are going to use another application in order to install Google Earth, and app that has similar functionality to the Market. So, open the Android Market, and search, download, and install "AppBrain App Market". In the meanwhile, go to from your desktop (most recommended) and create an account using your Google account.

When you finished creating your account, open AppBrain App Market, and sign in with your Google account (you should see in the upper right corner "Sign in"). When you have successfully signed in on your account in AppBrain App Market, go again in the Android Market, and download "Fast Web Installer". It will ask after launch for the permission to your Google account, so give it, and then the app will quit by itself.

The following step is to go on your browser from your Android device to (you should be automatically logged on; if not, login with your Google account), search for "Google Earth", click on the first result, and then click "Install" (not "Download directly from the Android market!). The download will start automatically, and you'll have Google Earth on your device installed in a few moments.

So, enjoy Google Earth and if this really helped you, please share this page with your friends! :-)


  1. I cannot install the apk file of Google Earth v1.1. onto Motorola Milestone. The system informs "application not installed". I uninstalled the apk of v1.0, then tried to install again this apk 1.1. However, it happened again: Application not installed"
    I downloaded the apk file v1.1 from the internet. I tried to 3 different apk files, but the same wrong thing: Application not installed.

    I tried to re-installed the apk v1.0, it informed"out of space" though i got the apk v1.0 installation succefully.

    Please help!

  2. @Hoang: Did you try installing that via Anyway, what version of Android does your Milestone run? It isn't 2.2, is it?

    If I'm right and fails to install it, I think that there's no way to get Google Earth v.1.1 on your Milestone.

    From what I know Google Earth is designed only for Android 2.2 devices. So I'm sorry, I guess you have to wait until your device gets 2.2 (it will be soon from what I know)/Google Earth will be compatible with older versions of Android.

  3. Hi Lorin,

    My Milestone is not rooted and runs on Android 2.1. Below is the link
    from which I downloaded the apk file of Google Earth 1.1. However, it still says "Application not installed". As you said above, I must wait for the Android 2.2 upgrade. So sad!

    But a member of XDA said that it works on Milestone as I post this question on this forum as follows:

    Kindly check and advise.

    Thank you so much for your kind support.

  4. Thank you Lorin,

    My Milestone is android 2.1

    I hope it will be upgraded soon
    I will try to install it on and let you keep you updated

  5. I cannot install it from