Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful "Day of Ubuntu" Live wallpaper changes the look of your phone depending on the outside time.

"Day of Ubuntu" Live wallpaper is definitely one of the best live wallpapers available for the Android-powered devices. This is its secret. It changes by itself, depending on the time the device has. For example, the below photo was taken at 10:30 P.M., and the time which was represented on the wallpaper corresponds to the time which was outside at that time.

This type of live wallpaper isn't something new, there are few more wallpapers like this one on the Market, but I think that this is the best of them. It takes only 800 kb, it doesn't create any kind of lag on a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, it looks great on Nexus One's high-resolution screen (480 x 800 pixels), and it seems that the battery drainage is extremely reduced. Your device must support Live Wallpapers, otherwise it won't work. 

Search it in the Android Market: "Day of Ubuntu". 

P.S.: I'm not using the native Launcher, that's why my dock looks like that. 

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  1. Waw! Looks great on my Samsung Galaxy S too.