Saturday, July 21, 2012

XXLF1 radio for Galaxy Nexus, OK to install (works good).

Yesterday I installed the latest radio available for my GSM Galaxy Nexus, version XXLF1. It works without any problems, didn't occur any signal drops or anything like that. The WiFi signal seems to be the same, while the GSM signal is significantly improved (HSDPA). It's difficult to notice any battery change, but it seem to be slightly improved (30% at the end of the day).

Please note the the beginning "XX" means that this is a radio only for the European networks, so don't try to install it if you live somewhere outside the Europe. It works very good in Romania, didn't have any issues after installing (Vodafone). Tested on Jelly Bean.

Download from XDA: link (flashable zip, flash in CWM recovery). If the link becomes broken, please report in a comment and I will change it. 


  1. You can still install this radio if you're in North America. It works fine for me in the US on GSM networks; however, I do have an issue with wi-fi though. When I ping to my phone on the local network with the screen off I average 400ms after 50 iterations. When the screen is on I average 70ms aver 50 iterations.

  2. I'm in Argentina, my galaxy nexus was ICS 4.0.4 with XXLA2 and now Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ran ok with the XXLA2 but I changed to XXLF1 and still runs ok seems to have better signal.

  3. wifi will never be affected by baseband/radio.

    no connection to each other.

    wifi is a module in the kernel.