Sunday, December 27, 2009

Adding background music to your blogspot blog.

You probably thought if it is possible to add music background to your blog. And yes, it is. But the way I know to do, it is only partially possible. I'm telling you that, because this method works only on Safari, Opera and Chrome, but not on Internet Explorer 8 or on Firefox. So, the only way I can share you the code is by putting it into a .txt file, and giving you the link. I've told you in a previous article, my blog is going to run the code automatically if I put it over here, and you won't be able to see the code, only it's effect. I'm really sorry for that !

Let's continue. Because it's really hard to find a way on which the sharing would be possible only by a link, the service we are going to use is Youtube. Now go to Youtube, choose a video (you'll have only the sound from it), and on the right side, you should see the "URL" (it is in the box where are some details about the publisher). Let that window/tab opened, because now we are going to work with the code. In the .txt file you have the code, which must be copied and pasted into a HTML/JavaScript Gadget (Dashboard -> Layout -> Add Gadget -> HTML/JavaScript), but where it says "URL of the video", please paste the URL which you just saw on the Youtube window/tab. Leave the quotes how they are, and paste that link between them.

Now you should be having music on your blog. If not, please try again, and if you can't get it working, please leave a comment, and I'll try to help you.

Here's the link for the .txt file: (it's safe, don't worry)


  1. Hello,
    Is there any other way you can get music playing automatically on ur blog on IE and Firefox?
    if yes then please help me out with a step by step procedure, i'm not good at coding and those technical tunings. please help

  2. Hi there, for some reason the code stopped working. It was working fine when I first tried it and it worked for a few days without any problem but it just stopped working now and I am unable to understand why. Can you please help? I use Google Chrome. Thank you!

  3. from where we have to copy the URL from upstarz

  4. it did not worked on blog.

  5. How to add current GMT time. What is the html code for that...

  6. is it possible that you can make me mp3 playlist javascript just to copy paste