Saturday, January 16, 2010

What do you think about the latest attack against Google ?

As you probably know already, a few days ago there was an attack which came from China, against about 38 companies (announced till now), the most discussed being against Google. Many experts say that the attack has been one of the most sophisticated that took place in the last years. After Google confirmed the attack, they said that they think about closing their business in China. But this thing is almost impossible to happen (the probably said that because they were angry after the attack). The attack attempt to get access to Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, which failed, says Google.

Another company attacked is Adobe, but it has less importance, everybody being focused especially on the attack against Google. The attack seems to came through Internet Explorer, many users being warned to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft launches a patch to fix the vulnerability which affects all versions (come on.... how many users are regularly updating Windows/Internet Explorer ?).

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