Sunday, February 7, 2010

How many do you know about your battery ? (Mac only)

The batteries found on the MacBook computers are extremely good, I would say that are the best batteries for laptops. But Mac OS X won't tell many things about it. Here you can use a little application, called coconutBattery, which will tell you the current battery charge, maximum battery charge, its current and original capacities, and other informations.

For example, I've got a 13.3 inch MacBook (white). It's the old model, so it has a battery that keeps about 4 hours and a half. coconutBattery says the following for my battery:
  • Current Battery Charge: 5137 mAh
  • Maximum Battery Charge: 5137 mAh
  • Current Battery Capacity: 5137 mAh
  • Original Battery Capacity 5020 mAh (it results that my battery is 100% health)
Additionally, it will tell how many battery-loadcycles your battery has, age of your Mac (since it was made, not purchased), if the charger is connected, and if the battery is currently charging.

Newer models of MacBook White have better batteries, which keep up to 7 hours, and support up to 1000 charges.

And, if the Current Battery Charge is lower than Maximum Battery Charge and your Mac says that battery is charged, do NOT panic! It is something normal. Current battery charge usually fluctuates between 100% and maximum 92% of its current capacity. It is something known.

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