Monday, February 8, 2010

A must-have iPhone application for any student (very useful).

What you would say about an application on your iPhone that can tell you everything you need to know for mathematics? It can help you with algebra (has table of prime numbers, divisibility rules, propositions and properties, factorization, quadratic equation, logarithms, etc), geometry (both plane and in space) and analysis (where the trigonometry and other things like functions are included). It has even scientific calculator, temperature, quadratic and percentage calculators, and an extremely, for you.

I've been warned by somebody from WolframAlpha that iMathematics is violating terms of use, by using the functionality that is going to be described. So, for WolframAlpha on iPhone, please take a look at their official application at:, rather than using the following functionality of iMathematics.
{----But to take its advantage, you need to have internet (Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE). You probably guessed, it's Wolfram Alpha. A powerful online tool that can make everything for you at mathematics (resolve your exercises). It helped me many times when I wanted to verify if my homework at maths was correct, or if I didn't know how to resolve an exercise, and it told me all the formulas that must be used, and even made the whole exercise for me.----}

Available for free in App Store. Get it: "iMathematics".

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