Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OpenArena (Quake III) game for Linux.

Most people refuse to use Linux because they say that there are no games. This is completely false. Linux is a great operating system, capable of running games (if they are designed for it), just like Windows. OpenArena (Quake III) is a good example. It runs exactly like on Windows, but on Ubuntu Linux.

There are even possibilities for running Windows designed games on Linux, by emulation, with a program called Wine. But I'll detail this into a future article. So, go on Ubuntu Software Center and search for OpenArena. It installs in minutes, and no additional configuration needed.

Please note that 3D accelerated graphic drivers are needed. If your computer doesn't run natively a 3D accelerated driver, go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers and select the driver (if available).

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