Friday, February 19, 2010

Microsoft-branded phone, ready to come now?

Windows Mobile 7 has just been announced at MWC (Mobile World Congress) and the rumors about a Microsoft-branded phone are the most discussed things these days. It is expected to come through Microsoft's "Pink Project", which is probably just a code name, for the mentioned purpose, says But Microsoft has refused to comment on this officially, yet.

The phone is expected to be made together with Asus (Asustek, on their full name), and to be like an iPhone killer or Android annihilator (or, more precisely, Nexus One annihilator). But I don't believe that Microsoft can represent a real problem for Apple or Google, considering that Windows Mobile 7 is not something....incredible. To be honest, I'm totally disappointed of Microsoft, considering both their mobile OS and their desktop OS (Windows 7). We'll see what follows...

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