Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opera 10.50 Alpha for Mac is here.

The Alpha version of Opera 10.50 is available for Mac, and Opera promised that they're working for the Beta version (which is already available for Windows). Their motto for 10.50, "The fastest browser on Earth", seems to be completely real. I've downloaded the Alpha version for my Mac, and it loads any webpage definitely faster than any other browser (Chrome 5.0.322.2, Firefox 3.6 and Safari 4.0.4).

Being a Alpha version, it is nothing special about the large number of bugs present. So, some of the known bugs are here:
  • No video support (?! I don't know what is Opera referring at by this)
  • Impossible to post on Blogspot (not found, error 404 - this is weird)
  • No SilverLight plugins
  • No printing of forms and frames
  • No Java
  • Incorrect window behavior for some pop-ups
  • Flash is incorrect displayed (videos are still playing)
  • HTML 5 (from YouTube) loads forever (can't be started)
But that's not all. It might have many other (severe) bugs, which even may cause crashes or data loss.Consider using Opera 10.50 Alpha at your own risk.

Download link:

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