Friday, September 3, 2010

Solving AccuWeather's app force close problem (Android).

If you're an Android user, you probably know that after the latest update, AccuWeather app stopped working and everybody complains about this (any device, any Android version). It simply force closes after the launch. It seems that AccuWeather is never going to update that app, so I found a way of getting AccuWeather data on your device, under the same interface.

There are more AccuWeather apps in the Market, if you search for them. However, I've found one which really works, so if you search for "ACCU WEATHER Quick" (yes, ACCU WEATHER with capital letters), you'll get an AccuWeather app which really works. It seems to be released by (nobody knows exactly), and it has a few bugs, but at least it works. Some users reported problems with the widget, problems that I don't confirm. There were also reported some problems with the accuracy of displayed information, but as I've just downloaded it, I think that the information is quite accurate.

So, go to the Market and download "ACCU WEATHER Quick" app to see if that one works for you.


  1. This DOES seem to work for me. Thanks!

  2. It is working on my Samsung Captivate. However, the widget that came with my Moto BackFlip worked flawlessly and you could have multiple cities. Is there any way to put in multiple cities with this widget?

  3. @thomas: Yes you can, but you need, unfortunately, to have one widget for every city. I mean, you can't have more cities on the same single widget. There might be a widget in the Market providing the same functionality as that one you had on your Moto BackFlip.

    If you want, however, to have more widgets with more cities, you just need to add more cities in the app and when you add a new widget, you'll be asked about the city you want to add.