Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chrome dev version fixes most of the problems.

You probably read my article about that stupid bug from Chrome, which keeps aleatory some windows unmaximized even if they are maximized, right? (more here). And you probably seen (or not) Andrew's comment from WebUpd8, who recommended me today to try the latest unstable version of Chrome, which is an Alpha one.

It seems that this version fixes this the bug that I had. It adds some updates to the interface. That loading signs from the tabs have changed colors, and the interface at tabs and at the buttons under them seems to be a little redesigned. Loading speed of webpages has been improved. However, remember that this is an Alpha version and it can crash when you need it more, so this version is more recommended for testing purposes.

If you want to install it and you already had a version of Chrome installed, I recommend you doing it via Synaptic Package Manager, in order to avoid any conflicts that might occur from installing the latest version over the previous one. If you didn't have Chrome yet, go on SoftPedia here and download the latest version corresponding to your OS. Please note that the latest version on Linux is 6.0.453.1 dev, so try to search the same version for your platform.

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